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Here’s some question which I get asked all the time. Instead of me copying and pasting the same answer, I thought it would be a good idea to just put them up here:

Q: Is there any way to stop getting two notifications when using Gmail for push notifications?
A: Unfortunately not as I have no control over Gmail’s notifications. The only way you could do this is just relying on Gmail’s notification and disabling Flow’s vibrate/sound. You can do this under Notification Settings –> Alert Settings.

Q: The widget is rubbish. When are you going to improve it?
A: Soon, very very soon.

Q: Where’s the post tag button? I used to love that feature!
A: I’m afraid Facebook removed the functionality from their servers, therefore I disabled it in Flow. I’m sorry but there’s not much I can do until Facebook provide a way to do this.

Q: When I tag my friend’s in posts, they don’t receive a notification and it doesn’t appear on their wall. What am I doing wrong?
A: Nothing, the problem is that tagging people in posts in undocumented and Facebook don’t provide a good way of doing it. I’m afraid until Facebook provide a proper way of doing tag posts, this will have to do.

Q: How can I get access to my Inbox Messages?
A: I’m afraid you can’t at the moment. The main problem behind this is that Facebook do not provide a way for 3rd party apps to send messages. I can get read-only access to your messages but if you can’t send them via Flow I don’t really see the point in implementing it. Therefore at the moment, Flow will simply open up the Official Facebook App/Mobile Website depending on your Preference.

Q: When are you going to implement chat?
A: I have no plans at present to add Facebook Chat into Flow.

Q: On my HTC Sense Device, the Flow Notification Popup prevents the Phone’s Alarm Clock alert to turn off. Is this a bug?
A: This is actually a problem with Sense. Basically, the only way to cancel an Alarm clock in Sense is via the Lockscreen. If you set the Preference for the Notification Popup to ‘Bypass the Lockscreen’ in Flow, then you have no way of cancelling the Alarm. The workaround is to untick the ‘Bypass Lockscreen’ in Flow.


Comments on: "FAQ" (4)

  1. I purchase again when the widget works the way it should. U shouldn’t have to hit it to get somewhere u can do that with the Free version. News feed widget would solve this

  2. I love the app! But…

    When viewing a friend, photos and album tabs show NO information. And info tab only shows birthday and “remove as friend” option. Is this a bug?

  3. When I try to post something on my newsfeed, there is no way for me to actually make it post once I type the comment. Using Samsung Captivate 2.2. Posting status comments is kinda a major function with fb :o).

  4. I can’t change my profile picture when I select my photo it says changed successfully but my picture on my profile and news feed doesn’t change

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