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Flow for Facebook

Flow for Facebook (formerly f-plus and Blue Notify) is an application which improves your Facebook experience on Android powered devices.

It currently has the following functionality:

Things in bold is function that ‘Facebook for Android’ (Official Application) doesn’t have or Flow does considerably better

  • View Friends, their profiles, photos and albums
  • Multi-Touch Zooming for Photos
  • Add Friends as Favourites for easy access
  • View your Likes and Pages you manage
  • View your Events and Groups
  • Checkin & Places
  • Share Links easily without being redirect to Mobile Web
  • RSVP to Events, see who’s attending and where it is
  • Ability to Like comments and see how many likes comments have
  • Pull To Refresh
  • Shake to Refresh
  • Gmail Push Notifications for Android 1.6+
  • Notifies on Messages, Friends’ Birthdays & Notifications
  • Vibrate, LED and Sound options
  • Notification Popup (which can show over Lockscreen and has Quick Reply)
  • Upload multiple photos (with Gallery)
  • Upload High Resolution Photos
  • View and Tag Friends in Photos
  • New ActionBar UI
  • Tag your Friends in Posts. NO other app can do this! <- Facebook have disabled this
  • Enforced SSL Encryption
  • Post and Comment as your Facebook Page
  • Ability to select the privacy setting for each Status/Post you make

You can find it on the Android Market for the price of £1.29/$1.99/€1.49. There is also a free ad-supported version available.

If you want f-plus in your language, help translate Flow!



Comments on: "Flow for Facebook" (153)

  1. Can you explain to me how it works? Do I get an notification on my homescreen when someone for example answers a post I have made?

  2. This is a fantastic app and is exactly what i have been looking for so thanks. It opens up wall posts fine, however, when I click on the notification for a reply to a photo/status it opens up the profile page instead of taking me directly to the photo/status, I’m using Facebook touch.. Is it something i’m doing wrong?

    • I’ll have a look 😉

    • I’ve had a looking it seems that the touch site doesn’t really have a nice way of displaying photo comments. Therefore in v1.0.4 if you get a photo comment the normal mobile site will be launched instead.

      • Thank you for that. I prefer the touch site but was having that problem too. The widget and 1.1 opening up the app cannot get here fast enough. Thanks for the great work

  3. Just want to say thank you for this! The stock facebook app and widget is just ass, while this is great.

  4. Hello,

    could you attend a title to the widget, please? It looks a little too tiny between the other apps/widgets.

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. it doesny work with the new fb app update. please fix, i no longer get notifications 😥

  6. Sebastian said:

    Hey! Can you maybe add some more customization options for the trackball light? Like different colors and flashing speed? Default speed is way too slow, it flashes like every 30 seconds so I end up missing it most of the time.
    I know some Android phones don’t support it, but for those who do it would be a great addition.

    Also, this is just some cosmetic thing, could you do something about the icon that sits in the notification bar? It isn’t pretty…

    Other than that, great app. If you need someone to do a German translation I am more than willing to help you, I can’t seem send you a DM on twitter though, but I think this thing shows an email address as well

    • All of those are on my list for the future. Some may be in v1.2, but some might be pushed back to v1.3.

      I’ll email you regarding translations 😉

  7. Can u give me a possible time frame on the next update ? Looking forward to some ui enhancements..especially icons

  8. hello just wondering if theres an Update coming anytime soon?

  9. Sorry didn’t realize you had answered my previous question.

  10. is this app is localized in french ? If not, ic’d be glad to do so …

  11. joanne tindall said:

    Hi iv installed this on my htc wildfire, but i am unable to do the part where i give facebook permission, i get the pop up but underneath there is no tabs to click to enable facebook permission in landscape mode i only get (dont allow) showing please help as id really like this app!
    regards Joanne

    • Luckily my girlfriend has just bought a Wildfire so I’ll be testing it on the device this weekend. Hold tight and I’ll get it fixed.

      • Is there any news on the HTC Wildfire permission screen issue? Just purchased the app and having the same problem. Any update would be appreciated… ironically enough I didn’t have the problem with the free version (if that’s any help).


  12. App now works great for my htc desire since last update thanks for all your effort. My only change would be an option to have the widget when clicked to go to the f feed 🙂 then it would be perfect!

    • Thanks, this will be an option under ‘Widget Press Action’ in ‘Widget Settings’ in the next release

      • Great stuff i shall look forward to being able to have the widget going to the f notifications page in a future update then. Keep up the good work! 😀

      • Just updated and i am over the moon! Thank you so much for adding the f notification choice to the widget. The app works perfect for me now 😀

  13. hey chris i was just wondering if it possible to get the choice of which facebook to use to open notifications i.e. mobile site, touch site or facebook app. until the facebook app is up to par i prefer to use the mobile site coz i have a few very long threads. anyways if that is at all possible that woud be great. thanks for an awesome app by the way.

  14. I love the program. However it only actually notifies me about half of the time it should. I would love to see this fixed!

  15. Loving how my comment is no longer on here.

    • I’m not sure which comment you’re referring to, but I don’t particularly like bug reports in comments to the blog, which is why I tend to remove them.

  16. f is creating an image cache that is scanned an displayed in the gallery. can the cache folder be set as a non-media folder or can you add clear cache on exit option.

  17. Congrats Chris! You just qualified for a free entry to MobileAppsShowdown. Please fill out the registration form [] bypass the payment section and DM me at @netshelter. From there we’ll get your app up on the site for the voting public. Congrats again!

  18. Wont work since the update for gmail on sony ericsson experia mini pro! Not happy as workd perfect b4

  19. I had f plus and it worked great i always got notifications to my sony ericcson experia mini pro.. Since the updates for gmail it will not work at all just keeps saying an error has accured.. Can we get this fixed pls.. Im so annoyed, wish it had never updated! Help

  20. wow. i’m using your app since months and it’s 100% the best facebook tool which exist on the market. i’m testing the gmail option since yesterday & it works f… great :-). BIG THANKS & RESPECT!!!

  21. Hi,

    Your Gmail notify has a bug.
    It clears Gmail Notification symbol from status bar wheter it’s about facebook or not.
    So I’ll miss email if I don’t notice it at the time it comes.

    After switch back to periodic poll, symbol reappear.
    Please fix this bug.


  22. Hi Chris, think this app is a great enhancement to theft app. Started to use the gmail push function and it works reasonably well. Will it work with another email client other app other than gmail. Keep up the good work by the way.

  23. Broken on sony ericsson mini pro again 😦

  24. Hi Chris, I’ve sent you an email to fix some mistakes in the italian language. Please answer. Tnx

  25. Hi Chris,

    I loved your app when i first started using it. I went ahead and purchased the version in which you pay for…although, it stopped notifying me as of about a week ago? While I’m using the free one and the notifications are working. I have the obnoxious banners, and since I paid money, I would like for the paid one to work…do you what kind of mistakes have taken place to be fixed so i can uninstall the free version, and get back on track with the version I paid for?!

    It’s frustrating to say the least…thanks in advance for getting back to me!

    • Hi Tomas, For v2.4, I went though both the Free and Paid versions of the app making sure that all the code was the same (other than ads and Paid only function). This means that the two versions should behave the same for the core functionality. I suggest trying the paid version again.

  26. It’s really the app I was looking for .. I do like periodic pull rather than Gmail … but at the end I love it …

    I have small problem with the new update … I have arabic enabled DHD and all statuses was showing correctly (right to left) but after the new update the first line is not right to left … it shows Arabic letters but not correctly justified … any clue ?


  27. Hi Chris,

    I really want to purchase Ad-free version. But unfortunately I live in Thailand which paid App Android Market is unavailable. So I can’t click “Buy App” in Flow or find it in the market. Are there any other way to buy it ?


  28. When I respond to a notification on this app, why does it take to to the internet website notification page. It gives me an error that reads: Unfortunately, Flow could not get the post information from Facebook. This is possibly due to the privacy settings of the user or item the item has been removed. I am just wondering why am I getting this message, because what do my privacy settings need to be set on.

    • This happens when Flow couldn’t get any information from Facebook about the post. Usually this is down to the post owners privacy settings (not yours), but can be down to a dodgy network or the like.

  29. Great app which I just downloaded today. Has virtually all I would want, but have a a couple of small queries.

    Firstly, when making a ‘Like’ a favourite, the app appears to have a mind of its own. eg I make 5 ‘Likes’ favourites and a couple are coreect when I press the likes button, but the others are totally different to what I chose.

    Secondly, I feel the widget is far too small and with not enough functions/options when clicking it. Could it be made a bit bigger eg, like a header on a Home page?

    Apart from those small points, so far so good…keep up the great work.

  30. melissa horn said:

    B4 I purchase the paid version, I want to know is the refresh at bottom of home actually works. Also, what is shake to refresh Nd why can’t I get it to work?

    • Shake To Refresh is used on the list views (Newsfeed, Notifications, Groups, Events, etc), when you shake the phone, it will refresh what you’re currently looking at.

  31. Hi Chris,

    I just completed the German translation, hope to see it released soon, 🙂

    I have so suggestions:
    – Add ‘Messages’ to the app’s home screen.
    I know its just a link, but if that link ist there, I don’t have to open the original FB app manually to get there.
    – Cange to notifications icon, maybe you can use the “”-symbol of the app itself.
    – GMail push feature works great for me (Desire HD, CM7).
    – A customisable start screen whould be a great feature, maybe some doesn’t use ‘groups’ e.g. so he can hide it.
    – A widescreen start screen is an other feature you have, but original FB hast not (very important for tablets).

    Greetings and keep up the good work

  32. Hi, Chris

    Many thanks for your awesome app! Really love all features your app has! In my opinion, Flow is better than the official one! I would like to pay but unfortunately Market payment is not available in my country (Thailand).

    However I have some bugs to report in the latest version (v3.2). On the home screen, if the screen switches to landscape mode, the “Checkin” botton will disappear.

    I can check-in by your app in Thailand (but not by the official app!). However some people notice that they can not see their check-in on their facebook pages. (But this doesn’t happen to me).

    Thanks again for your great work! Hope the days I can pay apps in the Market come soon. Then I will definitely pay for your app. 😉

    • Thanks, the icon in landscape will be fixed in the next release. I’m looking into also adding at alternative Market options.

      • Thanks for your quickly reply :). I just download v3.2.1 and the landscape issue is already solved 😀

        I would like to ask you to solve another bug. I can not check in if I add comment in Thai. Please check this if you have time. 🙂

        Thank you very much

      • It seems that only English characters work with check-in comment. I tested with Russian and Greek keyboards and they did not work as well 🙂

  33. How do you tag friends in posts?

    Thank you!

  34. Firstly, Your app is just amazing… you put facebook app to shame.. i have 2 questions, 1. are there any plans to implement ‘messages’ into the app?? 2. until then can we get a separate launch settings for messages, because i love using your app for everything but for messages prefer to use mobile site because it has the best layout (especially for long message threads which dont even come up on the official app)

  35. What do I press exactly in order to tag a person

  36. Silver Fang said:

    Another problem is that now when I click Menu>Comments for a photo, instead of loading the comments in the app itself, it tries to load the comments on, only there’s an error: “The page you have requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page”.

    Up until today, these would simply load in Flow.

    The only thing I can guess that could be causing this is I updated Dolphin Browser HD to its latest version (4.4.1). Could it be somehow forcibly taking over the opening function from Flow?

    Am on Froyo 2.2 if that matters.

  37. […] and more. You can even add certain pages as favourites for quick access. Check out the app’s home page to see a direct comparison between it and the official app, and hit the link below to check it out […]

  38. […] and more. You can even add certain pages as favorites for quick access. Check out the app’s home page to see a direct comparison between it and the official app, and hit the link below to check it out […]

  39. JAlanPaul said:

    I 3rd that problem… I purchased the app and I am fully ready to switch to it completely, but that needs to be fixed… and I would love to see the “Messages” area so that a Facebook email could be read and responded to. Other than that.. I love this app.

    • I’ve just answered this in the FAQ

      • Oh ok.. Thanks, But is it possible to have a separate launch setting for messages so we can get the option of choosing one of the sites instead of facebook app if i want to use flow for everything else..

      • Just got the new update and Thanks for implementing the message launch setting option.. If only life worked that easily..

  40. Hi. On my Wildfire it is not possible to touch the permission Icon when installation begins. The problem was discussed here a few posts up in september, but now it is still alive. Please check and fix it. I want to use your App as soon as possible !

  41. After the lastest update the app keeps redirecting to Mobile Web. Please fix. Anw, tagging friends in post is cool. Love it 🙂

  42. When a new notification comes over, GMail grabs it and I start to hear my notification tone. However then suddenly FLOW will intercept it, so my “gong” sound for email is cut short. About 2-3 seconds later, FLOW plays its notification. While this works, is there any way (via gmail settings or similar) to avoid the first email notification while still getting the 2nd correct FLOW notification?

  43. RavenSoft said:

    Will chat support get implemented soon? My previous questions never seem to show up…would like an answer before I buy it.

  44. Silver Fang said:

    I’m starting to think it’s on Facebook’s end too. It doesn’t make sense that an app would just change its behavior randomly.

  45. Not sure I get the ‘widget’….doesn’t seem like a widget at all, more just a link to a site if you want it to have any functionality.

    Facebook’s widget is better.

  46. j.womack said:

    This is working now as of today. Nothing changed to my knowledge!!!

  47. This is now fixed in the latest version, check Market for the update.

    • Awesome… Thanks for fixing that.. any thoughts on my previous comment about facebook messages?

  48. Wow you’re on top of stuff. Thank you for the quick fix and for such a great app! Now one more question..

    With the native Facebook app on my DroidX, when uploading a picture if I “SHARE -> Facebook” it will allow me to add a title to the photo. However, your app doesn’t have that provision. Your app is superior in that, once uploaded, you can tag people. But is there any way you could add the feature to allow for photo title at time of upload with your app?

    That is at this point the final item I see that makes the true app ‘better’ (beyond messaging which I saw your reasoning for the lack of 3rd party support for sending message) … add this and I’ll probably uninstall the orig app, LOL

    • FYI … just realized it isn’t using the FB app, it is using the mobile site to upload that allows me to add the title of the pic. So this may not be support for 3rd party apps I realize. But if it is that would be awesome. Let us know and THANKS!!

  49. I was just going to prod you about the notifications issue that Jimmy mentioned, but I see that it’s fixed in today’s update. Yay.

    But I’m seeing one hinky thing going on you may not be aware of. The Events link loads the list of all my events, but touching one just sticks me on a “loading” screen forever.

    Thanks for this app tho. Very handy.

  50. Hello, Any news regarding the problem with HTC Wildfire being unable to click Allow to accept the Permissions on facebook?

    • Hmmm, I’ve just tried this on my girlfriends’ Wildfire and it works fine. When using the normal login it displays as normal and when using the Login (Alternate) under Advanced Settings, the web page is scrollable. Which are you having trouble with?

      • Hi, I was trying both normal and alternative login.. But nevertheless, today I’ve updated the app and it works using the normal login! 🙂 Thank you very much, the app is fantastic, much better than the original fb.. 😉 Thanks a million!

  51. Hi,
    first of all, thanks for this great app!

    One question: what kind of Sync model are you using? Standard Android sync?
    I am using JuiceDefender which only enables data connections for 5 min once an hour.
    It seems to me that Flow doesn’t always use the connection as soon as it is available, but tries to sync according to its own schedule. Could this be the case?

  52. Silver Fang said:

    It’s pretty sad for Facebook when a user-created app works better than their official app.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. ISSUE – “Done” button doesn’t respond. Where it DOES work: at the top of the news feed, if you are doing a status update in landscape mode and you type, when done you can hit “DONE” and it will minimize the keyboard, allowing you to post the comment. HOWEVER (where it DOESN’T WORK) if you are in someone else post, replying/commenting — the DONE button does NOT work (does NOT minimize keyboard) — only way to shrink keyboard is either back button, or long-press of the menu button.

    Am I the only one with this issue? I have a Verizon droid-X non-rooted latest software update. I also have SmartKeyboard Pro but also tested with same results in other keyboards like the multi-touch and SWYPE — issue seems to happen regardless of input method. Hope you can fix this because otherwise, this app ROCKS!

  54. IRIES.MUSE said:

    Hi, iam supporting the german translation work on crowdin.

    when do you approve the translated phrases?

    i got my new version from 6th of march and i have no message support.. is that normal?

  55. I really love the Flow for facebook on my nexus s. I want to buy full version in the but it say that my device which is nexus s is not supported.

  56. I really like this app, the only issues I have are:
    A) I seem to get the “Post” error like 90% of the time and
    B) When it loads the backup it ignores the setting to use Mobile, loads the Touch but always says the content no longer exists.
    The later I realize is not your problem, but makes looking at anything quite cumbersome.
    I’m using a Droid X.

  57. It says its syncing with FaceBook,but it shows no feeds or friends,etc….

  58. Am I missing something or is it not possible to look for and add potential friends in this application? I cannot find a place to search for people except for sorting friends in the friends section. Thanks

  59. Great App! Suggestion for those who are not totally addicted to facebook, and for whom instant notifications are not necessary or desired. A Flow dashboard widget for Facebook to be displayed on homescreen. See: Chrome desktop widget for facebook which is where I got this idea. My kid has it, and it gives her a summary of people who have commented, messaged, or poked her. It would make the purchase of an upgrade worth it to me.

  60. Please tell me there will soon be a chat feature. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  61. Silver Fang said:

    The last three times someone has liked my posts, I don’t receive popup notifications of this. I don’t receive any notification at all until I go into Flow>Notifications and manually refresh. It was working fine until last night. I have Is Flow no longer set to alert for likes?

  62. Silver Fang said:

    Another problem I’m having is that when I’m on a friend’s profile and click the gray button above their posts to post to their wall, the post never goes through. I type what I wish to type, then click on the speech balloon in the upper right corner. it says it’s posting, but then nothing else happens. If I go to the person’s page again, my comment on their wall never shows up.

    Posting on other people’s walls is supported, isn’t it?

  63. Hi,

    Great app, I love it. I have a couple of questions. Is there a plan for a widget similar to the official FB one? Also, can you get it to default to news feed on start?


  64. Nice program. Is it possible to sync email-addresses and phone numbers of facebook-friends into my contacts?

  65. Silver Fang said:

    I vote for Facebook Chat for the next major feature addition to Flow for Facebook.

    Keep up the great work.

  66. New user so sorry if this is a dumb question. I’ve installed the Flo app and the widget but I can’t open the widget. (It’s on my screen but won’t open.) Please advise, thanks.

  67. Dougiefresh said:

    Just wondering if you ever plan on integrating contact sync into it. If you did I would completely get rid of the biggest joke of an official Facebook app.

  68. Charlene said:

    I like your app, but I can’t seem to view pictures from peoples profile pages. It just shows blank, like there aren’t any pictures, but I know there are. Can you please fix that? I’m using a Droid Incredible. Thanks.

  69. First of I wanna start by saying great app. There are a couple of things I wanted to bring to your attention. One is the searching for people on facebook. I have a mytouch 4g and this phone does not have a search button. Could you add a search button (magnifier glass) in the friends section? And also if we could have a way to get notifications pushed without the use of gmail that would be great. I just started using this app so i haven’t had much time to play around and explore it. If I notice anything else I’ll post here.


  70. I purchased this app for my HTC Desire HD, I was fed up with the facebook app loosing its posted image thumbnails.

    So far am loving the intuitive functionality and the nice touches, such as pull down to update and the more controls over check-ins.

    i have x2 questions for the developer…

    1) When will the ‘messages’ screen be integrated into the app? As currently, it links to messages in the facebook app

    2) The facebook app check in screen, has yellow squares next to companies running promotions, such as starbucks. Will this functionality be available in flow soon?

  71. Many thanks! Much user friendly and functional than the official one. Besides the functions mentioned, I note 3 more functions the official one doesn’t have:

    1. Like photo individually. Official one can like the whole album only.
    2. Like post individually. Official one can like the thread only
    3. View post in event.

    However, I note that the date and time in event does not correct, which the same problem also occurred in the previous official application.

  72. I have the purchased version and I have notifications to check every minute but sometimes I’m not alerted to almost an hour after the fact. I’m not using gmail to notify either and I have the latest version.

  73. Stephen LaMorte said:

    I don’t get it – where is the option to open up the mobile site instead of the facebook app for messages? I can’t seem to find it (and am updated to the most recent version of the app). Right now, Flow always defaults to Facebook for messages.

  74. Silver Fang said:

    How do we copy/paste comments and posts? Long pressing doesn’t bring up a menu.

  75. I like this application much better than the Facebook app. However I don’t seem to be able to remove a friend with the free version, you list this as a feature in the android market, is this feature available only in the paid version or am I doing something wrong? Installed on a Droid X.

  76. Penelope Clearwater said:

    please please please do something about the widget! the main reason i paid for this app was for the widget and it’s a complete disappointment. i’m looking forward to a less terribly pathetic widget in the very near future!

  77. I have the free version now and just want to ask a couple questions before I buy. Can I invite friends to my events and I’ve seen a few posts that people say it kills the battery fast is this true? I have the Droid X. Thanks and I love Flow 10 times more than official version.

  78. Kamikazi said:

    How do I tag friends in status?

  79. Really nice additions in the latest versions. I have two sugestions though:

    1. In the swedish translation the word “Notifikationer” is one letter too long to fit on one row on the start page (at least on HTC Desire) so it looks kind of ugly. Maybe it would be better to use the word “Händelser” since it’s shorter, and actually the word that the Facebook website uses in Swedish for notifications.

    2. It’s great that you have added the posibility to set privacy settings for new posts, but I miss the option to use the accounts standard privacy setting (which was what was applied before you added this option). Since I don’t want to share all my posts with all my friends I have them arranged in groups, and the standard setting is to share it only with some of these groups – and now I can’t do that anymore inside Flow (the only way is to use the standard Facebook application). Please, add that option! It would also be great if it was possible to choose which privacy setting that would be used as standard, or if it could remember the last used privacy setting.

    Thanks in advance! In all other ways Flow is by far the best FB app out there…

  80. Chris, when posting wall posts and whatever else can you make it say “via Flow for Android” instead of just “via Flow”?

    I love showing off the Android name and it would also be good for other Android users to recognize Flow as an alternative facebook app for Android. Android users wouldn’t know it is an app that they could use instead. What do you think?

    Great work with Flow! Keep it up =)

  81. Silver Fang said:

    Sometimes, if I upload a photo from my gallery, the upload never completes. In the notification blind, it shows a gray bar with “upload in progess” by it. The upload never complets and I’m forced to reboot my phone to clear it out and try the upload again. I realize this could be a problem on Facebook’s end, but Flow loads the other Facebook content normally and all my other data services work.

    Thank you.

  82. My profile picture change when I choose my new picture it says it’s changed successfully but it doesn’t change on my profile or news feed

  83. Flow is great application..but why v 3.6.2 cant login in my galaxy 1550

  84. I love the app, but I can’t figure out how to tag someone in my post. Please help.

  85. Roemer van der Meij said:

    Hi there,

    First of all, excellent app! Finally a facebook app that’s working well and smooth! I love it!

    I have though, an extremely simple feature request that should be extremely easy to implement. And, for me, would make a world of difference. The feature is simple: a checkbox in preferences to disable all notification alerts on the android task-bar. When I currently disable all notification alerts they still show on the task-bar. Would be grateful!

    My second feature request is probably more complex, but also one that will make Flow better than the official app. When viewing the news-feed now, all post by things that I have hidden on facebook itself are showing (like bands that I have ‘liked’). Not that I have that many bands on my profile, but they still outnumber the interesting posts by my friends. Using the ‘hidden-in-news-feed’ information from the site would a helpful addition!

    Kind regards, and hoping you can implement the first feature,


  86. Push notifications for the official Android Facebook app seem to be working again (at least for the time being). Do I need to be signed into the official FB app for Flow to work? I was getting 2 notifications now with this development so I signed out of the official FB app. My gmail beeped to indicate a new notification from Flow or so I thought. Being signed out of the official FB app, I got my gmail but not my Flow notification. So is it correct that Flow notifications won’t work without being signed into the FB app as well? Getting 2 notifications is annoying. Want to fix this if possible. I hate the official FB app so I don’t want to bother using it if I can avoid it.

  87. Could you maybe add a way to rearrange the favorites screen? Or maybe alphabetize them?

  88. Hi Chris, I miss a function: the selection of friends lists before posting. Otherwise, the app is ok.

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